Monday, February 7, 2011

Kiss List FHE

When the Mr and I first got married, we got a book called "Family Home Evening for Newlyweds" Now, honestly, I do judge books by their covers, and the picture on the cover was of "old" people. Her dress is old-school, and they are NOT our age! So I said thank you and put it on the shelf. Well, we recently had our 4th move since being married. And I found that book, and flipped thru it. The ideas were awesome!! And this year, I have a goal to have FHE every week. We've been kinda flimsy on what day we sit down and have FHE, but we've held FHE every week since New Year's!!

For Valentine's day, I wanted to have an awesome and fun FHE. I looked thru the book and found one I liked alot! It's called Kiss List.

What you'll need :
  1. 1 bag of Hershey's Kisses
  2. 1 piece of paper, cut into strips (I cut mine 1/2"x3" long.)

Hand him 10 strips of paper, and keep 10 for yourself. Now, write this sentence on each strip, completing it different with each strip : I love you because...

Once you've written your 10 sentences, each of you unwrap 10 Hershey Kisses. Try to keep the foil as complete as possible!! Take out the Hershey's slip and insert your own! Rewrap those kisses!!

Now you can both open 3 of 4 kisses for FHE, and then enjoy opening 1 kiss every day for the next week!

This was lots of fun to do, and I found out that the Mr kept his foil wrappers more complete than I did, and he rewrapped them better than me too! Who knew a guy with such big hard working hands could wrap something so nice as a Carmel Kiss?!

**Family Home Evening is great for everyone. It is a set day of the week and a set time to spend time with your family. A time to get to know each other even more than you already do. If FHE isn't something you and you family do, now would be a great time to start. It doesn't have to be a big planned event with all the extras, a movie night, a game night, making dinner together all count!! Spend time with your loved ones!!

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