Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cute up diaper bags

Ok, so I go to the Dollar Store and I buy those little baby powder diaper bags. (the ones you put stinky diapers in.) And everytime I pull one little bag out of the box, all the bags come out and then I have to stuff them back into the box (very tedious and annoying). Well, I've had it in my head for a while to make it easier and less bulky. (Carrying around that box takes up some space.)

Well, I saw this ideas about reusing grocery bags. Rerolling and sticking them in cuted-up Lysol wipes canisters. I saw this idea over at Tater Tots And Jello. Now, the little diaper bags are exactly like the grocery bags. You just roll them up really tight and stick them in a small bottle. (I was thinking about using an old Tylenol bottle, but discovered an old prescription bottle worked better cuz it fit more bags in it.)

Ta da! Then I wrote DIAPER BAGS on it and tossed it in my purse. Ooh, bonus : I can let Danger play with it, cuz now it's just a bottle, rather than a flimsy, broken box with plastic bags in it. Way safer, smaller and less frustrating.