Friday, February 24, 2012

binky clips

Ok, so I've been searching for a way easy binky clip. I've bough a few, but decided not to spend ANY more money on them, - cuz I knew I could make them!

So when I found tons of suspender clips on Amazon AND that I had a credit on my account from a gift card, I jumped on it. {I found some mitten clips in the dollar section at Target, but only found 1 set! grr!}

So, cheap and easy binky clips! These clips are useable with ANY binky! I had a hard time finding a clip that would work for the Soothie binkys that Little Mr. likes. The elastic cord fits thru and loops around any hold or ring!

What you need :
- suspender clip
- length of ribbon (I went for about 22-24 inches)
- elastic cord
- sewing machine
Ribbon and suspender clip.
Get your ribbon, fold over the edges and sew the ends in - facing the inside of the ribbon.
Now make sure when you put the clip on, the clip part is on the side you want, the outside of the ribbon.
Put your elastic between the sewn ends of the ribbon. Now I go to town and sew this bad boy up, like 20 times. Just make sure the ends are sewn together and the elastic is secured {remember, little ones are going to be tugging on this!} Don't lift the needle from the ribbon, just lift the foot and rotate the ribbon.
Sew down the edge of the ribbon, stop just short of the suspender clip, lift the foot and rotate the ribbon again, sew across the ribbon - parallel to the suspender clip, lift the foot when you get to the edge and then rotate the ribbon. Sew up the other edge of the ribbon, back to the end with the elastic.
So basically, you sew a square around the inside of the ribbon.
I love the football one I made for Little Mr!