Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts...Finally

Ok, so since my Mother's Day was overshadowed with electric shock treatments and new double dose shots, I didn't have time to get my Gifts done.

{In reality I probably should have started these the week BEFORE Mother's Day, but my brain has been all over the place. I'm usually on top of these things!}

So, I work at a home decor store. And we've got some pretty cute stuff. I usually don't see what we have until someone brings it up thru the registers. I saw a little hand stictched sign that I fell in love with.

It said : Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your kids.

My mom makes jokes about living long enough to be a problem to her kids. So I figured this quote would be perfect for her.

I rummaged thru my box of frames. Picked out 2.

I spray painted them white. {I'm usually a black frame person, but my black was gone and I'm pretty impressed with how the white turned out.}

I then cut out the wording in vinyl on my Cricut. {I have over 500 fonts, so this actually took some time. And once I start looking at different fonts, I start to wonder if that's how "reward" is really spelled. Does that happen to anyone else?!}

Next I took a pliers and yanked out the little metal tabs that hold in the backing of the picture, washed the glass and hot glued it into the frame.

I centered my vinyl, and stuck it on.

And since most frames have the "hanger" part on the cardboard backing, I Gorilla Glue'd some ribbon onto the back. {Gluing ribbon on the back makes it hang more even, and it easier to level on a wall.}

I printed out some of the ultrasound pics and put them in a frame to give with the quote.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Homemade Gummies

Alright, I like gummies. My SIL LOVES gummies. I make these every now and then.

I found the recipe over at Not So Idle Hands.She's pretty awesome in what she makes. And I love to eat, so this was perfect. Since I started making gummies, I've collected all kinds of molds and ice cube trays. I've found that the flexible silicone ice cube trays work the best for getting the gummies out. {I've found mine at DI/Thrift stores and at the Dollar Store.}

I love this recipe. It's quick and easy and you can change little things to make the gummies exactly how you want them. Be sure to go to the Easy Peasy Gummy Candy Tutorial!

I do have a double boiler {I got one cuz I get a chocolate melting kick every Christmas...} but I use the measuring cup in the saucepan of boiling water. It's easier to pour and clean up. {Also, don't use plastic forks or spoons, they start to warp... Trust me, I know.}

If the jello mix is still cloudy, just melt it for longer to make clear gummies. {They taste the same}

If you let the mix set for just a minute, the foam will rise to the top, making clearer gummies.

If you add less gelatin, the gummies will be softer.

If you add more water, the gummier will be softer.

When pouring the mixture from the measuring cup, speed and flow are good things to watch. Or you could just make 1 huge giant gummy

But I suggest against it. Fights break out over The Big One.

When they're done, put them in an airtight bowl and enjoy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not gone

Ok seriously I know lame I am. Trust me I am way excited to start making all kinds of stuff. I've got a list, a binder, tons of ideas and everything I need to make all my ideas real.

I'm not ignoring you.

I'm in the hospital, confined to my room. I'm writing this on my iPod Touch.

Nothing too serious. I already wrote a post about it over on my family blog :

You can read the latest update.

I will be leaving soon {fingers crossed} and I'll be back to crafting.

Thanks for your love.