Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts...Finally

Ok, so since my Mother's Day was overshadowed with electric shock treatments and new double dose shots, I didn't have time to get my Gifts done.

{In reality I probably should have started these the week BEFORE Mother's Day, but my brain has been all over the place. I'm usually on top of these things!}

So, I work at a home decor store. And we've got some pretty cute stuff. I usually don't see what we have until someone brings it up thru the registers. I saw a little hand stictched sign that I fell in love with.

It said : Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your kids.

My mom makes jokes about living long enough to be a problem to her kids. So I figured this quote would be perfect for her.

I rummaged thru my box of frames. Picked out 2.

I spray painted them white. {I'm usually a black frame person, but my black was gone and I'm pretty impressed with how the white turned out.}

I then cut out the wording in vinyl on my Cricut. {I have over 500 fonts, so this actually took some time. And once I start looking at different fonts, I start to wonder if that's how "reward" is really spelled. Does that happen to anyone else?!}

Next I took a pliers and yanked out the little metal tabs that hold in the backing of the picture, washed the glass and hot glued it into the frame.

I centered my vinyl, and stuck it on.

And since most frames have the "hanger" part on the cardboard backing, I Gorilla Glue'd some ribbon onto the back. {Gluing ribbon on the back makes it hang more even, and it easier to level on a wall.}

I printed out some of the ultrasound pics and put them in a frame to give with the quote.


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