Tuesday, February 19, 2013

baby hats service project...

So, I bought a set of crochet looms a while back from the thrift store. The whole set of 4 cost me $3. I was pretty excited. I knew how easy it was to make hats on looms. I was ready to get started right away....

And then, I waited a year to start on anything....

But for some reason, this past week, I have had a hat-making itch. So I looked up on YouTube, how to make a baby hat on the loom.
I found this video, and it was way helpful.

So then I started knitting little newborn hats. So far, I'm up to 8...

I made a goal to make one every week of my new 1001 days, that's 143 hats.... If I end up going beyond my goal, that would be awesome.

When I first had Danger, we ended up taking 3 hats home... we didn't need 3 hats but they put them in my bag, and that didn't include the one I made for him... While in the hospital, Danger was in the Nursery for 2 days, and I started making them. But that was doing a double crochet. Looms are way easier.

So yeah... I've just been cranking those out.

So far, I haven't made a different colored brim, or a cute little pattern... I've had 2 colors of yarn (usually white and a color) and I loom those around into hats.

Let's face it, it's not like me yarn stash is hurting. I have so much yarn, it doesn't fit in my container anymore.

I'll keep everyone posted on that. :)

I've also got some crafts in the works. I'm planning on making a height ruler. I have the plank for it, I just need to start marking it up and then hang it. Another one of my goals is to measure Danger every month.

I haven't been crafting (besides crochet) lately because I've started babysitting. But I'll try to keep doing stuff and posting about it.