Saturday, December 29, 2012


I know it has seriously been forever.... Sorry about that. Things have been crazy, but I know they have been crazy for everyone.

I've been working on making my Christmas presents. I crocheted scarves for everyone, I etched glasses for everyone, I crocheted Ninja Turtle hats for The Mr. and his brothers & sister.

I have seriously been making these things since July! Seriously!!

I made some Hot Cocoa packages for the mailman, and some friends of ours.

I got some neighbor gifts together this year, some wrapping paper and tape - for that last minute wrapping.

I made some Mistle-Toes plates for the grandparents.

I made Danger a Christmas shirt. It says "Where my HO's at?" on the front and "HO HO HO" on the back.

Yeah it was awesome!

I didn't take many pictures of things this year. I have been crazy lame about taking pictures, but hopefully 2013 will be a different story.

We threw an End of The World Party. We invited our friends over, and asked them to bring their last meal (what they wanted to die eating!). It was fun to see what they brought. I love food, so we had plenty of it. It was fun to spend, yet another End of the World.

I've also been working on making my Pins, not just pinning more. It's been fun. I'll try and post things that I do. :)

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cute up diaper bags

Ok, so I go to the Dollar Store and I buy those little baby powder diaper bags. (the ones you put stinky diapers in.) And everytime I pull one little bag out of the box, all the bags come out and then I have to stuff them back into the box (very tedious and annoying). Well, I've had it in my head for a while to make it easier and less bulky. (Carrying around that box takes up some space.)

Well, I saw this ideas about reusing grocery bags. Rerolling and sticking them in cuted-up Lysol wipes canisters. I saw this idea over at Tater Tots And Jello. Now, the little diaper bags are exactly like the grocery bags. You just roll them up really tight and stick them in a small bottle. (I was thinking about using an old Tylenol bottle, but discovered an old prescription bottle worked better cuz it fit more bags in it.)

Ta da! Then I wrote DIAPER BAGS on it and tossed it in my purse. Ooh, bonus : I can let Danger play with it, cuz now it's just a bottle, rather than a flimsy, broken box with plastic bags in it. Way safer, smaller and less frustrating.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easiest Easter Blocks Ever

So I have been the lamest crafter ever. Ok, so I've been crocheting like a mad-woman {cuz I don't have to leave the couch...} hey, my baby has been sick! But I haven't been doing a whole lot of crafting and sewing.

But a while back I went to Target {Oh, I love that store.} And every time I go there I go specifially for the Dollar Section. Well, anyways, while checking the bins in the $1 Section, I found these SPRING blocks.

I had an idea. I'm all about multi-purpose decor, as you can tell by my seasonal word blocks. I counted it out, and there are the same number of letters in EASTER as there are in SPRING. {Yes, I stood there in the aisle and counted the blocks to make sure my idea would work.} So I decided today was the day, 2 days until Easter, and I was finally going to do my project. I measured and cut out the word EASTER in white vinyl.

Then turned the blocks for SPRING around and stuck the vinyl letters on so all I have to do is spin each block around so it says Easter!

Easiest craft ever. Maybe I'll eventually get around to making my St. Patrick's Day/Valentine's Day blocks... Did you know that St. Pat's and Valentine's Day have the same number of letters in them?!

Ta Da! So easy and cute! And those blocks only cost $2.50 in the Dollar Section! Awesome! Now If I can just remember to take them out every year!

Friday, February 24, 2012

binky clips

Ok, so I've been searching for a way easy binky clip. I've bough a few, but decided not to spend ANY more money on them, - cuz I knew I could make them!

So when I found tons of suspender clips on Amazon AND that I had a credit on my account from a gift card, I jumped on it. {I found some mitten clips in the dollar section at Target, but only found 1 set! grr!}

So, cheap and easy binky clips! These clips are useable with ANY binky! I had a hard time finding a clip that would work for the Soothie binkys that Little Mr. likes. The elastic cord fits thru and loops around any hold or ring!

What you need :
- suspender clip
- length of ribbon (I went for about 22-24 inches)
- elastic cord
- sewing machine
Ribbon and suspender clip.
Get your ribbon, fold over the edges and sew the ends in - facing the inside of the ribbon.
Now make sure when you put the clip on, the clip part is on the side you want, the outside of the ribbon.
Put your elastic between the sewn ends of the ribbon. Now I go to town and sew this bad boy up, like 20 times. Just make sure the ends are sewn together and the elastic is secured {remember, little ones are going to be tugging on this!} Don't lift the needle from the ribbon, just lift the foot and rotate the ribbon.
Sew down the edge of the ribbon, stop just short of the suspender clip, lift the foot and rotate the ribbon again, sew across the ribbon - parallel to the suspender clip, lift the foot when you get to the edge and then rotate the ribbon. Sew up the other edge of the ribbon, back to the end with the elastic.
So basically, you sew a square around the inside of the ribbon.
I love the football one I made for Little Mr!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 1 done

So, this past week was Week #1 of the 52 week Challenge!

And I did it! Now, I had to clean off my counters AGAIN to get the pictures, but it wasn't too bad. {I had craft night at my house on Thursday and nothing was picked up from it...}

Kitchen Table

Counter Top Island

Counter Top - It's our bottle making station. Plus, The Mr. and I each have 1 cup each day and we wash it out and set it back on the counter. :)

Bakers Rack
Next week is cupboards and drawers... it should be interesting!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello & organize

Hello again! I am still alive, I will be posting about the little guy! But first here's my New Years Resolution!

So this year I'm planning on de-cluttering and organizing my house. I guess it's THE wagon to jump on this year. I've found all kinds of info about organizing and de-cluttering.
My secret is : every year I plan to organize my house and de-clutter it. And every year I fail.
But not this year. This year I'm going to make it happen. This year I'm going to follow thru and kick some organizing booty.
Ive found a few blogs that are going to help me out.
A few months ago, I stumbled upon Home Storage Solutions 101. {pretty sure via pinterest..}
And I subscribed and I decided to participate in the 52 week Organized House Challenge. At the beginning of each week, I get an email describing this week's challenge, and also reasons why that's our challenge. {it makes alot of sense when she's tells us why!}

Over at Six Sisters' Stuff, they have an organizing post with a WHOLE bunch of great links to organizing posts!
And who can think of organizing without thinking of Heather over at Decor-ganize Crafts? I love her car organizer using a shoe organizer! And, I know her in real life. Yeah, she's pretty awesome.
I've also found some pretty good ideas and plans over at IHeart Organizing.
Over at A bowl full of lemons, she had a 21 day organizing challenge.

Ok, so there's my inspiration. Right now, I've decided to only do 1 at a time. And right now, that 1 is the 52 week challenge from Home Storage Solutions. Because, even tho organizing is important, I really need to de-clutter my whole house. I'm throwing away TONS of stuff! :)

And technically, I'm counting this as #80 on my 101 in 1001!

Love to those whose resolutions never change, just get more desperate thru the years. :)