Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Wreath

Ok, I've made tied-fabrics things before. I've made flip-flops, and I've made wreaths. My favorite is the heart wreath. I'm going to show you have to make one!!

What you'll need :
  1. Lots of fabric strips (I try to cut mine at 1/2"x6")
  2. Thin Heart shape (The Mr made mine out of a wire hanger)
  3. Lots of time!

Ok, I cut my way cute awesome pink, purple, and red fabric into strips. I try to cut them at 1/2"x6", but sometimes I end up cutting at 4.5". Either one works, plus, the different lengths add shape/volume/puff/dimenson. So, cut out lots!!

I showed my shoes, so you could tell just how much fabric I cut. I did NOT use all of it, but cutting lots means you can invite friends over to make some too!

Next, you'll take your thin heart shape and start tying the fabric around it. Pick your 1st strip, tie it onto the wire frame using a basic Overhand Knot.

Take your next strip, tie it on with another overhand knot.

Now, take 1 end of each of the tied-on strips, and tie those ends together using an overhand knot.

And contiue adding more strips and tying 1 end of the new strip to the end of the last strip you tied.

When you tie the strips together, it secures the knots, and the strips on the wire. It also adds a more "scattered" look.

And, don't worry about fraying, that just adds to the look.

Once you're all done, tie a ribbon at the top and hang it on your door!!

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