Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JumbleBerry Pie recipe

The Mr & his family LOVE pie. When we were dating, they had a Pie Night every week or so. I figured if I wanted "IN" I had to learn to make pie! So I did.

Let me tell you a little bit about this recipe. I searched for a recipe I could use frozen fruit with. That's all I wanted. When I found this freaking awesome recipe on BHG.com, I was so excited! However, I also don't have 4 hours to create a pie entirely from scratch (hence the FROZEN fruit idea!). So I go out and I buy a box of refrigerated pie shells (I know how to make pie crust, an advisor in our single's ward taught me before I got married! It's fun, but lots of time!) then I start making. I put 5 cups of mixed fruit in a bowl. Dump on the flour and sugar and cinnamon. Stir it, then pop it in the microwave to thaw out just a bit. Every now and then I'll take it out and stir it. Once I can stir it and no white from the sugar or flour is left, I put it in the pie shell. I take the 2nd pie shell and (on a flour sprinkled surface) I start cutting strips. I use a pizza cutter (but I just bought a pastry cutter that cuts the crimped edges!! But it works the same as a pizza cutter. Knives drag the dough along, pizza cutters ROLL!!) then I start laying the strips on the filled pie shell. Criss-crossing every one. 1st up and down, 2nd side to side. 3rd up and down. To get them to weave just pull up on the strip under it, so each strip goes over-under-over-under. It's hard to explain, alot easier to do!! Trust me! Ok, when the pie is all latticed up, and the edges are pinched together, I take a spray bottle filled with clean water, and spray the top. Then I sprinkle sugar on the top. I don't usually wrap the edges in foil, but today I did, cuz I was baking 2 and have to switch places 1/2 way thru. (Don't ask, I'm not even sure why that made sense in my head but it did.) After 50 minutes in the oven, it should be done! Serve with ice cream!! Mmm!

I added some little notes. Also, since BHG called it berry fruit pie, I decided to add my own title! Enjoy the pie!

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