Monday, March 21, 2011

Paper Bag Mini Album

Wanna make another minii album? How about one out of paper bags?

Here's what you need :
  1. 6 paper bags
  2. 3 different color papers
  3. 3 different ribbons
  4. ruler
  5. hole punch

Get your 6 paper bags, and flip flop them so the ends (the bottoms) are on the left, then on the right, then the left...

Now you're going to want to fold over the bags until there is a crease.

Look at that beautiful crease!

Now, hole-punch each side of the crease, now thread the ribbon thru, so the knot is on the outside.

This is what the ribbon looks on the inside of the album.

Now, measure the inside of one of the bags.

Cut a piece of colored paper to fit inside the bag, and staple a ribbon to the top (to pull it out) I cut my papers at 4.75"x4"

Stick in the paper, and make 1 pull out for each bag.

Ta da!! Now you have an awesome mini-album that you can add pictures and info to. Be sure to put pictures on pull outs! So cute and fun for a brag book!

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