Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mini Album HowTo

 Alright, so a few years ago, my mom's Relief Society made these mini albums for a Super Saturday activty. I still have mine, and I have decided to show you how to make one!!
What you need :
  1. (4) Solid Cardstock sheets 8x8
  2. (2) patterned paper sheets 8x8
  3. (2) pieces of cardboard 4.5x4.5
  4. some ribbon
  5. scoring tool

Pick 4 pieces of cardstock.

Next, find halfway down each side (4 inches in) and score the paper in half twice, so you have 4 equal squares.

Now, flip over the paper, and score ONCE diagonally thru the middle.

Now, fold the paper according to the scores. The strait scores (to make the 4 squares) gets folded one way, while the diagonal score gets folded the opposite way.

Now fold those same scoring and folding directions for the 3 remaining sheets of cardstock.

**When folded, the sheet should look like the start of a paper crane!! **

I really hope I made sense with that part. It's so hard to explain in words and pictures. Let me know if there are ANY questions!!

Now, take your patterned paper, and score 4 lines. Each line will be inside the edge 1.75 inches, running parallel to the edge of the paper.

{The piece of cardboard is 4.5 inches, the patterned paper is 8 inches, to put the cardboard in the middle, you have to fold over 1.75 inches of paper. You could just fold it, but scoring makes such a nice line!}

Your paper should look like this once it's scored.

Now, go and cut off the corner squares. It's easier to fold in on the cardboard without the extra paper.

I use a glue runner as my adhesive. Fold in the edges and glue them to the carboard.

Follow the steps for the cardboard and patterned paper twice, so you end up with 2!

Ok, now comes the kind of tricky part. It is SOOO easy to get this mixed up. I'll try and explain as best I can! put some adhesive on 1 quarter (one WITHOUT a diagonal going thru!) of yellow cardstock.

Flip over the green cardstock, so it is opposite the yellow one you just glued! And stick 1 solid quarter of green cardstock to glued yellow quarter.

Flip over your yellow and green glued pieces of cardstock, and put glue on the 2nd green quarter.

Take your blue piece of cardstock, and make sure it's going opposite your green piece but the same as the yellow piece. And glue the 1st blue quarter to the glued green quarter!
Do the same with the pink cardstock. (I put my pink cardstock on the other side of the yellow.)

Make sure the diagonals go every-other piece. One up, one down, one up, one down.

Next, take your ribbon, and glue it to the middle of 1 of your pieces of cardboard, glue on the back/inside!!

Now, put some adhesive on the OUTSIDE of the LAST solid quarter - now, press the quarter onto the BACK of the carboard. {You'll know it's the back because you folded the paper ONTO the back.}

Glue the other cardboard square to the other end of the paper chain. Look how cute your album is! It's like a little accordian!!

Tie your ribbon in a bow!! And start adding things to your album!

Ok, seriously, I know I am awful at HowTo's - I can explain things worth pennies, and I'm sorry. If you have ANY questions, email me, post a comment, whatever you gotta do, I'll answer!!

Enjoy the album! So cute for BragBooks for grandparents!! ♥

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