Friday, March 11, 2011

Jean to Skirt

I have long dreamed {envisioned, if you will} of making a pair of jeans into an awesome skirt that I would love forever and ever. Plus, it's totally one of my goals!! Woot woot!


You need :
  1. Jeans (that still fit around the waist & butt)
  2. Seam Ripper!!!
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Thread, matching or contrasting, it depends on how *flashy* you want it.
  5. Scissors

First thing first!

Measure up the hem of the jeans to a length that is good to work with. This is NOT the final length. I measured up 12 inches. Draw a line across the legs of the jeans with a pen, and CUT the legs off.

Now to rip stuff :

Ok, turn the pants inside out, find that inside inseam, (the inseam is the seam that goes from inside ankle to crotch.)

and start ripping.

Now turn the pants outside out, and start ripping that next seam!

Ok, there is a THIRD seam, go attack that one too.

Rip all the INSEAMS on both legs!

Now, you're going to want to rip open the front seam. Rip it up to the bottom of the zipper. Don't destroy the zipper, that's still needed. And flip over the jeans and rip the back seam up to the belt loops/pocket hem.

This needs to be done so the jeans will lay flat.

Now that your jeans are completely open. Go get the legs you cut off, and start seam ripping those. Start with the bottom hem.

I ironed my seams flat, it makes them easier to work with, I highly suggest it.

Once your entire denim material is flat as can be, put your "flattened leg" under the open "leg seam". Pin in place. {I centered my leg seam with the peak of my open seams}
Next, start sewing outside out, so you know where the edge of your seam is. I used white, cuz I had white on my machine I'm flashy.

Flip it over, flatten out the crotch crease and pin in place then pin the "flattened leg" out under the open seam.

Sew up the back!

**I double-stitched. I make 1 running stitch on the edge of the seam, and then did another one just inside the first one.

You'll probably have excess "leg" on each side of your skirt. Find a length you like, and trim the extra length off. If you have a skirt that you LOVE where it falls, length-wise, use that one to measure the length of the skirt you're making. (I used my old jean skirt, I lowered it a bit for a better length.)

Flip it inside out and trim off the extra demin on the inside.

Make sure everything looks good inside out, and double check the hem, make sure it's what you want.

Now, put in a running stitch to hem it a little. I again, did a double stitch.

Now you're totally ready to rock your skirt!! I'll post a picture once Shark gets home to take one of me!

**Again, if there are any questions, comment and I'll reply!! Thanks! ♥

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