Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby things

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to sit at a table and craft and sew ALL DAY! Of course I jumped at the chance!! I made tons of baby things! Links are provided!!
Some Tinkle Tents, Pee Pee Tee Pees, Wee Wee Wigwams - whichever you call them! I used this tutorial from Make it and Love it.

I made a whole bunch of burp cloths. I used thos Tutorial from Cloud9!

I made football onesies! I saw this on Pinterest. I dyed onesies brown using Dark Brown Rit dye. I ironed some Heat-n-Bond onto some white fabric, cut the white fabric into 1" strips and then into 6" and 1.5" strips, then ironed them on. Then I took the very taxing task of sewing around ALL the edges of the white strips. I sewed down the vertical one, then across each of the horizontal strips. And in true football style, the horizontal strips cross OVER the long vertical strip. :)

I am overly excited for Little Mr. to get here! The Dr's keep freaking me out tho, telling me he'll come at 36 weeks (that's Oct. 24th!!!) I don't think I'm ready for that! But I am having fun preparing for his arrival. I have been working on a blanket for him. I used the quilt-along with Quilt Dad, for the Wonky Log Cabin. I love this pattern, it's so forgiving and easy to work with! I love it!!

Here are the squares as I got them done. The finishing dimensions of this part of the squares is 9"
Once I got the squares done, I put on a 3" floating white border. Then I cut the square down to 12".
I cut out Little Mr.'s name on the Cricut and then used those letters to cut out fabric letters. I layered the fabric letters with blue fleece (from an old project).

 I sewed these letters on the flannel backing for his blanket.

I sewed a square between the white float border and the patterened log cabin to secure the backing to the front {quilting style}.
And here is the finished product!  I really do love how it turned out! At first I bought green binding, but I'm REALLY glad I went with the blue!!  I really do love this blanket. It's not heavy enough to be a quilt but I love that it's a small blanket, something he can carry around with him as he gets older!! :)

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