Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ribbon Flowers

Ok. I don't have kids (YET!!) but I have been making these Ribbon Flowers for over a year. I made some last year for my niece for Christmas.

What you need :
  1. Ribbon (Cute! Grosgrain or satin, either works!)
  2. scissors
  3. lighter
  4. thread
  5. needle
  6. buttons
  7. aligator clips
**My Picasa-to-blogger upload is wigging out again, sorry I can't seem to upload the photos to be the right way! Sorry! I've tried, I really have!!**

First, take your way cute ribbon and cut (5) pieces all measuring 2.5" long.

Now, take each piece and singe the cut edges with a lighter so they don't unravel.

Next, take 1 piece and fold it like a hotdog bun (longways) and go around the very top of the middle with the thread and needle to secure the 2 sides together.

DON't CUT THE THREAD! Now, fold up ONE of the side of the ribbon to meet the thread and needle, and go once thru (out and in) the face of the ribbon and tie it the thread in the middle where you secured the 2 sides together.

It'll look like an "L" - Do this to all 5 pieces of ribbon.

Now, you are going to fold the ribbon in half short ways (hamburger bun) so it will look like a house, or a flower petal!

Take the needle (I choose long needles) and weave the flower petal onto the needle. DON'T PASS THE NEEDLE ALL THE WAY THROUGH, so you can just pull the petal off the needle if it folds funny.

This one takes me the longest, I can never seem to get it to fold right.

Make sure the dot of thread on the face of the ribbon (from photos 4 & 5) is on the "bottom" of the petal.

Now, take the other 4 petals and thread them on the needle, weaving in the petals on so they fold cute and the dot of thread is on the bottom of the flower.

The photo under this is showing the bottom. If you look close you can see the dots of thread.

Now pick a cute button to sew in the middle of the flower, make sure it's secured really good.

Get your alligator clip (I get mine from the dollar store (they come with ribbon on them!), or from Sally's and glue ribbon on them.

Clip them onto your way cute headbands!

Make one for every outfit!


Want to learn to make more?! Go to and go to the bottom of the page. They've got all kinds of cute bows to make!! ♥

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